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Shakespeare & Manga

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an illustrated talk

  • Creative Centre Auditorium - YSJ University

About the Show

5th April, 7:30 pm - Creative Centre Auditorium, York St John £5 Standard £5 Pass It On! (purchase a ticket for someone who otherwise would be unable to attend this event) Four distinguished artists and academics, introduce the wonderful and diverse world of Manga Shakespeare, the combination of classic English theatre and iconic Japanese comic art. Supported by a wealth of drawings and illustrations - many not seen before. Featuring: Inko Ai Takita - manga artist from Kyoto currently residing in the UK Ryuta Minami - Professor of English at the Faculty of Communication Studies, Tokyo University of Economics, Japan Yukari Yoshihara - Professor at the University of Tsukuba, Japan and one of the organisers of the Graphic Shakespeare Competition Chie Kutsuwada - UK based Japanese manga creator and illustrator Ronan Paterson - actor, director, lecturer and writer

Booking Information

On each of our events we offer a ticket option called Pass It On! If you purchase any number of these tickets, we will gratefully pass them on to people who otherwise would be unable to attend due to financial barriers, with a special focus on refugees and asylum seekers. Would you like to be considered for a Pass It On! ticket? Contact us at --- All tickets for our events have an added 20p to help cover our ticket processing surcharge. Tickets purchased in person are not subject to this charge, but we cannot guarantee availability without booking in advance. --- There is a hearing loop and a limited number of wheelchair spaces available at this venue. Please contact us via phone call at 07784819412 or email at to discuss accessibility measures or to request a wheelchair ticket. --- No longer able to attend? We understand - things happen. If you are no longer able to attend we ask that you let us know as far in advance as possible so we can re-sell your ticket. We will offer refunds and aim to process these within 30 days. Contact us at for more information and to request a cancellation.

Donate to YISF

This festival runs on a non-profit model, made possible by the hard work of dedicated volunteers and contributions from international organisations, private donors, and local partners. Every donation helps to ensure this work can continue.

In 2024, your donations will go towards...

-the creation of an original performance by actors from Ukraine and artists from York

-storytelling workshops in schools and libraries across Yorkshire

-identity building workshops for secondary students delivered by renowned international artists

-university students receiving hands-on work experience in event management and international literature

And so much more!

Do you have questions or want to get involved? Email us at


Thank you so much, your donation is greatly appreciated.

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