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Hamlet Double Bill

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ShakeSphere Selection 2024

  • Creative Centre Auditorium - YSJ University

About the Show

18th April, 7:30pm - Creative Centre Auditorium, York St John £15 Standard £15 Pass It On! (purchase a ticket for someone who otherwise would be unable to attend this event) £5 Concession (eligible for those who are under 18, students, disabled, a carer, or registered unemployed) The Rest is Silence / The Play’s the Thing World Premiere presented by La Ribalta Teatro (ITALY) Written, directed, and played by Alberto Ierardi, Giorgio Vierda, and Adrian Hughes Production by La Ribalta Teatro & the English Theatre Company -- This production sets out to give voice to two different points of view of the Hamlet story: that of the Gravediggers and of the Players. Gravediggers and Players are the material executors of the fate that revolves around Elsinore: they represent the beginning and the end of Hamlet's story. They open and close the dances. If the Players are the spark that ignites in Hamlet the idea of unmasking King Claudius through the staging of what happened at the Danish court, the Gravediggers are the end of the suffering of the characters in the text, as they ascertain the end, relative and absolute, of Hamlet's vicissitudes. If the Players are the inventors of life and its possible plots, the gravediggers are the custodians of death and the end of the characters' lives. And it is precisely this unconscious importance they hold throughout the text that makes them, unbeknownst to themselves, such comic characters. -- On stage only three actors and two languages: Italian and English. So continues the linguistic and stylistic research of the trio, born from the fusion of two different theatrical experiences, La Ribalta Teatro and The English Theatre Company. The linguistic difference, which in the two plays corresponds to a social difference, will itself be a source of conflict and comedy, creating a multi-layered performance: both rich and complex, and simple and essential.

Booking Information

On each of our events we offer a ticket option called Pass It On! If you purchase any number of these tickets, we will gratefully pass them on to people who otherwise would be unable to attend due to financial barriers, with a special focus on refugees and asylum seekers. Would you like to be considered for a Pass It On! ticket? Contact us at --- All tickets for our events have an added 20p to help cover our ticket processing surcharge. Tickets purchased in person are not subject to this charge, but we cannot guarantee availability without booking in advance. --- There is a hearing loop and a limited number of wheelchair spaces available at this venue. Please contact us via phone call at 07784819412 or email at to discuss accessibility measures or to request a wheelchair ticket. --- No longer able to attend? We understand - things happen. If you are no longer able to attend we ask that you let us know as far in advance as possible so we can re-sell your ticket. We will offer refunds and aim to process these within 30 days. Contact us at for more information and to request a cancellation.

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