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Hastings, Rotherham, Merseyside, Bromley, Portsmouth, Margate, Gdansk, Withernsea, Heronsgate, Stirchley, Liverpool, Slade Green, Hertfordshire, Thurrock, Bromford, Ostrava,

Parrabbola works with people to encourage their engagement with the arts and their communities. Without that impetus these are creative projects that would otherwise not normally happen.

Margate Hosts the Boat
A festival of community focused arts activities, The Boat Project is an Arts Council England funded Artist Taking the Lead project, spearheaded by Lone Twin. (+)

One of the largest arts events in Kent in 2012, when the 'Collective Spirit' (a boat built from donations of wood that sailed along the south coast during the Cultural Olympiad), Margate Hosts The Boat was a four-day festival produced by Parrabbola to celebrate The Boat, Margate and the seaside.

"What a truly beautiful weekend. Thank you."

"Parrabbola did an amazing job with this event. Margate thanks you."

"Very positive. Local people have enjoyed it without exception. Thank you."
Representative from one of the participating organisations in Margate (-)

Eight Foot Square
Eight Foot Square was established to provide community arts activity in Hastings. (+)

Follow the project blog at:

Hastings Stade Saturdays
The Stade is an open performance space outside the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings, for which Parrabbola co-programmed and managed a series of Saturday events. (+)

Programming aims to encourage communities within the town to engage with the arts and the town itself, and in turn giving the community a sense of ownership of the Stade performance space.

The Stade stems from Parrabbola's Eight Foot Square programme which continues.

Visit their website: Stade Saturdays

Bromley Arts Festival
The 2008 Bromley Arts festival was based around the theme 'Word on the Street'. Programmed and managed by Parrabbola, the festival utilised key areas in the town centre as venues for local artists across all genres to get involved. The festival was planned and prepared in only four months but included newly commissioned works. (+)

Drawing together family groups,
Once upon a time... was a promenade theatre project, designed as a bedtime story come to life where audiences became participants in the storytelling as it unfolded in different locations in the town

The programme utilised the town's open spaces for dance, jazz, rap, buskers, street theatre and craft makers to bring together as many people as possible. Particular days had different areas of focus: schools, people, and music, in collaboration with Bromley Youth Music Trust.

Writing projects were devised and curated with local people and performers. Poetry readings, 'meet the author' sessions featured, as did the use of an empty shop as a festival base and gallery, showcasing work from artists across the borough.